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There so many different reasons why you need a real estate appraisal in the East Prairie, MO area, and the best person to call to determine your house value is Tamara Tidwell at Tidwell Appraisals. She has been in business since 2006, and listed below are some ways that she can help you out.

If you’re selling your home either by owner or even with an agent, call Tamara at (573) 475-4353 and have her determine your property value so you are prepared for where you can price your home.

Challenge a property tax assessment if you think what you are being billed is unfair or inaccurate. Take the opportunity to reduce your mortgage payments by removing your private mortgage insurance or PMI. This is possible because the value of your home may have gone up.

If you’ve had a real estate appraiser come to your home and has given you a report that you don’t necessarily agree with, call me and get a second opinion. When people are dividing a property because of divorce, it’s of utmost importance that the house value be assessed first, and if you need to determine the true market value of real estate written in an estate plan or will, Tamara can do that for you as well.

No matter the reason that you contact Tamara, what separates Tidwell Appraisals from other real estate appraisers in the East Prairie, MO area is her expert knowledge of the homes in the area as well as their value. The turn around time from start to finish is approximately five to seven days, and you can always expect competitive rates, punctuality and dependability.

As a certified residential appraiser and FHA, VA and USDA approved, you can feel one hundred percent confident that your call to Tidwell Appraisals at (573) 475-4353 is the smart way to go.